Missouri’s Top Attractions

The state of Missouri is considered to be the gateway to the west coast. Visitors spending time in this part of the Midwest have the opportunity to visit a variety of attractions littered around the state.

If you do find yourself in this part of the country, be sure to include the attractions listed below in your travel itinerary.

Forest Park St. Louis

Located in St. Louis, Forest Park is an expansive green space covering about 1,293 acres of land, which brings together a number of popular attractions. Visitors can walk around the park enjoying the great outdoor weather and fresh air, or engage in a variety of other activities including cycling and paddle-boating.

Alternatively you can take this opportunity to explore some of the attractions at the park including the St. Louis Art Museum, Missouri History Museum and the St. Louis Zoo among others.

Lake Of The Ozarks

The construction of Bagnell Dam, back in 1931 led to the creation of Missouri’s largest lake, the Lake of the Ozarks. The lake has a shoreline that stretches over 1,100 miles, giving visitors all the space they need to enjoy themselves. Bagnell Dam Boulevard on the other hand is home to a variety of shops and stores dealing in a wide selection of wares including souvenirs.

Fishing enthusiasts will also feel at home, spending time at the lake enjoying one of your favorite pastime activities.

Missouri Wine Trail

Long before the current popularity of wine tours, Missouri attracted a group of German immigrants who set up vineyards in the area around Herman. Although the state is home to a number of vineyards, the Herman area vineyards offer visitors an unmatched tour experience. Visitors can explore the underground cellars that were built before the American civil war.

The Gateway Arch

Architectural lovers will be more than impressed by the architectural fete that is the Gateway Arch. Designed to display different colors at different times of the day; the arch is definitely one of the top attractions to Missouri. Visitors can ride the tram in the arch to get to the top, and enjoy a great view of the city and its surroundings.

Missouri offers visitors, and residents alike, the opportunity to engage in a variety of fun things to do. To ensure that you have the best time out in this fun state, it is recommended that you find time to sample the above things to do in Missouri.